Meet Our Team



Hi! I'm Angie, the owner of For Sniffs and Giggles. Dogs have been a passion of mine my entire life. Being able to make my passion into a career has been a huge blessing. I am now able to provide dogs other than my own with adventure and fun; the happy panting of a dog after a hike in our beautiful area is everything to me. First and foremost I am here to provide high quality care for your animals as if they were my own. My specialty is exercising and small, controlled socialization for dogs. Whether it's via a long hike or an hour long romp with doggie friends, the goal is to create an environment for which your dog thrives. I have a dog training certificate via Animal Behavior College as well as Unleashed by Petco and continue my education via in person and online classes in order to excel and learn about animal behavior, specifically focusing on dogs and cats. I have created this business with the animal's livelihood in mind and employ those with like minded beliefs and together we make up the team of For Sniffs and Giggles. 



Hola, my name is Javier but Javi is what I more commonly go by. My love and passion for dogs began at an early age from having a family dog and blossomed into what it is today after dipping my toes in pet care services on the retail level. Over the years I have learned that there is more to taking care of a dog than just making sure they are eating the right food and a walk around the block. As a dog walker I strive to provide some of the things that dog parents are not always able to provide. Whether that be an off-leash hike in a small group, socializing in play groups or even a standard walk with other dogs. At home I am the proud dog dad of a rag-tag group comprised of one small chihuahua (Canela), a Labrador-Great Pyrenees mix (Osa) and a German Shepherd (Levy). I look forward to making your four legged family member a part of my pack.  



 Hello, my name is Jenifer. I have been an avid outdoor adventurer and dog lover all of my life. Heading out on a long trek, a hike in the mountains or a walk or run on the beach with a four legged friend at my side is about the most perfect way I can think of spending my time. I am also a personal trainer and competitive rower and coach. Being a dog walker was the perfect combination of all aspects of my life; health and fitness (for humans and canines), outdoors, nature and dogs, dogs, dogs. About 11 years ago I rescued my first Pit Bull and now I have 3. Not only did I spend a lot of time training them (and myself) in order to be excellent ambassadors for the breed but I fell in love with their spirit and personality and hope to have my own rescue for Pit Bulls and Senior shelter dogs some day. In the meantime, I love spending time with all breeds and learning from their personalities. Each breed has it's own energy, goofy traits and special qualities and I try to learn from each dog I come in contact with. My Dad gave me a birthday card years ago that had a picture of a dog running through a field on a sunny day with an expression of a smile on his happy face and the caption read: "Celebrate like someone left the gate open." Every time I grab the leashes and head out...that spirit of adventure is our intention, even if we are just walking around the neighborhood.